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Block Diagram Geology Definition - Definition of Block diagram. 1. Noun. A pictorial representation of a system or process in which subsystems or other components are represented by geometric shapes joined by lines or arrows ¹ Field Geology by Frederic Henry Lahee (1917) "Requisite Data for a Completed block diagram.—A block diagram should have a legend arranged in the. block diagram definition: The definition of a block diagram is a chart that uses shapes or three-dimensional representations to show geologic features, or a flowchart using geometric figures to show the data flow in a computer system.. The first definition of block diagram in the dictionary is a diagram showing the interconnections between the parts of an industrial process. Other definition of block diagram is a three-dimensional drawing representing a block of the earth's crust, showing geological structure..

Lab 10: Geologic Structures, Maps, and Block Diagrams. STUDY. PLAY. Block diagram. combination of geologic map and two cross sections. Looks like solid block w/geologic mapon top and cross section visible on each of its sides. disconformity. an unconformity between relatively parallel. BLOCK A 1) Complete the map portion of this block diagram. Draw in all necessary contacts and label each unit. 2) Name the structure that occurs in the diagram.. Cross Sections and Block Diagrams The geological map: observations and interpretation (incomplete observations) • Add geologic data to the topographic profile. The data include various contacts and attitudes Block Diagram • Projecting (deforming) the topographic map onto the top.

Geologic maps, cross-sections, block diagrams. The goal of geologic mapping is to determine the history of an area with the ultimate goal to understand the processes that are responsible for unit/area formation--an understanding of geological process(es) is the ultimate prize.. A combination of the geologic map and cross section. It looksl ike a solid block, with a geologic map on top and a geologic cross section on each of its visible sides. Term. spectrum of geology from sedimentation, through rock deformation, to mountain building. This is all very different from the material that you covered in the first portion of GY 111 (e.g., rocks and minerals), but don't panic. Many students find rock deformation and mountain building to be the most fascinating areas of geology..

Like most stories in geology, this one starts beneath the surface. As you may know, the continents we live on are parts of moving plates. Most of the action takes place where plates meet. Plates may collide, pull apart, or scrape past each other.. Definition of Block Diagram. A block diagram is a chart or diagram using labeled blocks connected by lines or arrows to represent the relationship of parts or phases, as the steps in a data-processing application. From the geology perspective, it is a perspective representation of the geology of an area showing surface contours and generally including two vertical cross sections.. The following diagrams depict a solid model based on the rock quality and a stratigraphic block model. Notice how the rock quality (I-Data) model interpolates quality values where there is no corresponding carbonate..

Basic Principle of Geology of Iraq Definition: Fig.(22) (A) three dimensional block diagram of the stage 4- Shows closure of the Southern Neo-Tethys by this closure the Foreland basin is formed during Campanian. B) Three dimensional block. STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY Last Updated October 23, 2003 STRIKE Direction of the line of intersection between inclined layers and a horizontal plane (parallel to the surface to the earth) Angle of DIP Acute angle measured from inclined layer to the horizontal plane DIP (direction) Direction in.

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